Wednesday, June 09, 2004

You may recall my friend Chris Tabor, a fine artist who is currently working on several projects (plus a full-time job) when he's not serving as the Bacardi Show Political Corrspondent. One of these projects is a concept named Fatalysia with writer Liam Kemp. Announced over a year ago, Chris has made some, but not a lot, of progress on this ambitious story, and is now seeking assistance to get it finished. I'll let him tell you in his own words:


I was wondering if I could take advantage of the growing prominence
(snicker snicker-J.B.) of The Bacardi Show to help steer the Fatalysia project back on track? I sent an email to William today to the effect that he and I really should try to get the project moving again. I explained to him that a key factor was finding an artist with plenty of time on his/her hands to handle the majority of the interior art chores. I'm perfectly willing to handle the cover art duties, as well as any supplemental art that may be needed, as well as lettering and graphic design chores, but I really just don't have the time, or passion really, for doing the numerous panels of sequential art. So, to sum up my blabbering, could I advertise for a penciller/inker on your site? I could forward you a synopsis of what Fatalysia is all about, along with some of the concept artwork. Maybe it will attract some interest and, in doing so, make my day. I've never lost any interest or faith in the project, nor have I thought that it wouldn't happen. I guess that I came to the conclusion that NOTHING was going to happen until I solved this art dilemma. I'm still going to tackle a lot of work, I just need some help. Of course, I know that no artist is going to work for free, so I'm going to try to come up with some sort of money arrangement. Anyway, get back to me and let me know if 'The Show' can help.

-El Tabor

So there you have it. We're all about help here at the JBS. Anybody know anyone who would be willing to jump on board? Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. Or something like that.

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