Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Steve Wintle over at Flat Earth has been posting a lot lately about the earth-shattering event that was the DC Implosion, and the two subsequent limited-issue Cancelled Comics Cavalcade releases that DC, somewhat cynically if you ask me, put out so that people who actually wanted to read the stories that were reproduced therein would have to go through hell and gone to obtain one. As someone who was there and buying comics at the time, I was disappointed that many of the titles wouldn't be coming out- I was one of about three people on Earth who was actually looking forward to more Green Team and Prez, and I was digging Ditko's Shade, which got canned along with its interesting-sounding backup feature "The Odd Man", and as I recall Claw The Unconquered was mighty readable- but mostly I received the news with a shrug. Life went on. I was too busy smoking dope and trying to hook up with girls to care all that much...the more things change the more they stay the same, I guess. Hee.

Anyway, Steve's been posting links to several of the pages from those long-ago omnibi, and you can go here and here to check them out. Of course, of most interest to me are the Jerry Grandenetti pages from Green Team and Prez; his work on them is much better than I remembered although the Joe Simon story on the GT tale had some dodgy political implications to many, I'm sure. Also included are pages from the aborted first issue of The Vixen...I'm unsure who the artist is, but the inks look like Ernie Chan or one of the Filipinos. It might have been an interesting title, by 70s standards anyway. Y'know, since she and Animal Man have essentially the same abilities, maybe they should have hooked up. Oh well.

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