Friday, June 11, 2004

OK. Now...the grande finale of my ALL-TIME TOP 20 FAVORITE COMICS SERIES (and certain runs on certain titles) series, THE NINETIES!

Again, the standard disclaimer- these are series that are my personal favorites, not what I'm trying to tell you were the absolute best comics ever published in a particular decade. I also reserve the right to edit this list to include series I forget about, which has happened with depressing regularity in the course of this list. The lists are grouped by publisher, in no particular order.

1. MAJOR BUMMER by John Arcudi, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen and others
2. CHASE by D.C. Johnson, J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray
3. HAMMER LOCKE by Tom Joyner, Chris Sprouse and K.S. Wilson
4. IRONWOLF: FIRES OF THE REVOLUTION by Howard Chaykin, John Francis Moore, Mike Mignola and P. Craig Russell
5. FLEX MENTALLO by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
6. THE SANDMAN by Neil Gaiman and Various, most notably Marc Hempel on THE KINDLY ONES
7. TERMINAL CITY by Dean Motter and Michael Lark
8. PREACHER by Ennis and Steve Dillon
9. CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
10. GEMINI BLOOD by Chris Hinz and Tommy Lee Edwards

11. HELLSTORM by Warren Ellis and Leo Manco
12. DRUID by Ellis and Manco

13. HATE by Peter Bagge
14. EIGHTBALL by Dan Clowes

15. SCARY GODMOTHER by Jill Thompson

16. HELLBOY by Mike Mignola and others
17. NOCTURNALS by Dan Brereton (originally from Malibu/Bravura comics)
18. MONKEYMAN & O'BRIEN by Arthur Adams

19. DORK!/MILK & CHEESE by Evan Dorkin (I know, I cheated here. Sue me.)

20. STRIKEBACK! by Jonathan Peterson and Kevin Maguire (thanks, Mark!)

Honorable mentions include JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER by various, most notably Ennis and Dillon; STARMAN by James Robinson, David Goyer, Tony Harris, Peter Snejbjerg and Wade Von Grawbadger; SCENE OF THE CRIME by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark; TOP 10 by Alan Moore, Gene Ha and Zander Cannon; DIRTY PAIR: RUN FROM THE FUTURE by Adam Warren ( LOVE Warren's work, and I think this was his creative apex to date); THE SPECTRE by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake; HITMAN by Ennis and John McCrea; MOBFIRE by Gary Ushaw and Warren Pleece; RED ROCKET 7 by Mike Allred; KANE by Paul Grist (this one would have been on the list, but I didn't discover Grist and Kane, or Jack Staff until the 2000's); JINGLE BELLE by Paul Dini, Stephen DeStefano and various. I think Jingle Belle first premiered in 1999, I'll have to check on that one. YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE by Dan Raspler, Dev Madan and Keith Champagne; SIN CITY by Frank Miller (sometimes I love this, sometimes I'm underwhelmed); MADMAN by Mike Allred. I would list FROM HELL by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, but I've never completely read it! Embarrassing, I know...but I don't remember my shop getting in the individual issues of Taboo, and never felt like I could afford a collection. It's on my "to read" list. LEGIONNAIRES by Tom & Mary Bierbaum and Chris Sprouse; SKELETON KEY by Andi Watson (this one should probably be in the 20...but I can't think of what I'd replace!); the last of Morrison & Case's run on DOOM PATROL, plus the last six issues of Rachel Pollack and Ted McKeever's stint; ECLIPSO by Robert Loren Fleming, Bart Sears, Keith Giffen, Luke McDonnell, and others; AMBUSH BUG by Giffen and Fleming; CHRONOS by J.F. Moore and Paul Guinan; BEWARE THE CREEPER by Len Kaminski and Shawn Martinbrough.

Update 6-13 God help me, I keep thinking of series I can't leave off, including one I just wrote about the other day! Compared to the 60s and 70s, in which my income was kinda limited and I just couldn't buy every issue of everything I liked, and the 80s, which had some definite highlights but a lot of stuff that I just don't remember quite as affectionately, I think that the 90s really had it going on, as the kids say. We'll do the Aughts in six more years, so keep me bookmarked!

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