Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Nothing in particular to say about Dina Meyer (above as Oracle from the late unlamented Birds of Prey show). But one of the birthday sites I check occasionally listed today as her birthday, so I hunted up a cool pic to do a BSBdG- but then discovered that her birthday isn't really until December and the site was in error. hate to let a cool shot go to waste, though, so here it is. Guess I'll have to find another one in December.

Just viddied the trailer for the upcoming Constantine flick. It looked pretty good except for one small detail. THE TITLE ROLE IS ONE OF THE WORST EXAMPLES OF MISCASTING IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA! I think this has the potential to be one for the ages, and I like Keanu, generally. Oh, to be able to chuck bricks at the people who made the decisions for this one...

Here it is Tuesday already, and nobody's gotten around to dissecting the season finale of Deadwood yet, and that's a wee bit disappointing (Jeff Chatlos, wherefore art thou?). But it's entirely possible that everyone's like me, and hasn't fully processed all the ramifications of what happened. One thing I do know- they certainly didn't treat this last episode like a season finale! We did get some things resolved, for sure, but for every resolution we got two more possibilities opening up. As always, the most frustrating thing about Deadwood for me has to be Timothy Olyphant's Bullock character. I just can't ever get a handle on where's he's coming from...he errs on the side of the angels as often as Al Swearengen errs on the slightly less virtuous, and while his decision to take up the badge again is satisfying on a surface level, I just don't think it's going to be a good thing. And boy, Al sure had a busy night, didn't he? Really nicely done closing shot of the excellent (boy, I never thought I'd be typing those words, Lord of the Rings notwithstanding) Brad Dourif as Doc Cochran (what an emotional prayer scene he had) dancing with Jewel. Lotsa funny lines, as usual, in this one, mostly from the exasperated Swearengen (no big surprise here). I've been clicking around on the Deadwood site on HBO, and have found a page which collects many of the best lines from each episode. It's been a hell of a first season, and I am, of course, eagerly awaiting season 2. That makes three series (Deadwood, Dead Like Me, and Dead Like Carnivalé...whoops, make that Carnivalé...heh...) I am now anxiously awaiting season twos for. About time one of them came back on, isn't it?

This is all I got right now. Maybe I get more later. Ta.

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