Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Today, no time for blog, Dr. Jones.

But while you wait for my drunken crack whore muse to vomit again in my general direction, you should go over to ChaosMonkey's Abysmal Pit and read this great poem he wrote for a creative writing class. It's a hoot.

Time now to go drink rum & coke and read comics. Got everything listed earlier except the Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft. It was 15 bucks, and I didn't want to spend over 20 today so I shall bide my time until the next 25% off sale. Paged through it, though, and it really looks good. The Jill Thompson art in the last story was almost worth the cover price alone, plus there's a new Hellboy story in it too. And yes, I know that it will most likely be in the next HB trade, whenever that comes out. But still.

Speaking of Hellboy, I got my prize for winning the contest Steve Lieber had a couple of months ago, a drawing of the World's Most Famous Paranormal Investigator...and it's sweeter than Ashley Olsen's sticky buns. I'll post it as soon as I scan it so's you can all envy me a little.


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