Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Boys and girls, I give you the all-new, all-different Jonny DC!

As a graphic designer (or so my diploma says, although as with so many other things, my skills are eroding with disuse) I gotta say that this is one spiffy logo. Kudos, as they say, kudos to the designer.

Although I've seen it linked to on a couple of blogs already, the skinny, the 4-1-1, the straight dope can be found over at Newsarama. The comments section seems to have devolved into an argument about getting comics back in 7-11's and other places instead of in comics shops only, to which I can only say amen, mah brothas.

We also are given examples of some upcoming titles that sport the logo like the Justice League Unlimited above. I post it because two things jumped out at me- John Stewart's stylin' beard, and get a load of the gams on Zatanna! Hot'sa minoochie, as Chico Marx would say. Homina homina!

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