Monday, June 28, 2004

The book I've been illustrating for Mrs.B is complete as of a couple of hours ago. All that's left is to mail off the files and keep our fingers crossed. I've printed out copies for them to refer to, but they're not color correct (I've tried to calibrate my monitor and printer as best I can, but I don't have the necessary equipment to do it right) so that's my biggest concern- first, have I made the correct color choices, and second, will they be able to print them satisfactorily judging by what I've given them? We shall see.

Anyway, you may have noticed I've had more writing time now that my toiling is over, hence the entries today. Next thing I intend to do is some character sketches for a script I received recently, plus a drawing for its writer, then I'll see what I can do with the script itself. After that, who knows.

I wanted to get around to writing about some of the books I've received in the mail recently, most notably Malinky Robot 1, Hench, True Story, Swear To God: 100 Stories, and Jax Epoch (and the impossibly long title)...but it's gonna have to wait another day. But I'll get to them, I swear by the Hammer of Granthar.

Huh? What's the dealy-o with the above panel featuring Official Super-Hero Mascot of the JBS Super-Hip? Well, I'll tell ya. Scott Shaw has featured an issue of Adventures of Bob Hope starring Tadwallader Jutefruice's swingin' Brian Jones-lookalike alter ego in his regular Oddball Comics page on Comic Book Resources, and I wanted to tell you about it so's you could go read it for yourself! Click on the picture above and you are like there, daddy-o!

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