Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hello out there, Johnny Bacardi Show readers! I'm Kate Bosworth. You may remember me from such films as Blue Crush, The Rules of Attraction, and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!. I'm also proud to be the official Johnny Bacardi Show spokesperson for the month of June, and I'm here because he's asked me to extend apologies to all of you faithful readers- who come here on an almost daily basis looking for his usual trenchant commentary on the worlds of comics, music, movies, and, when nobody's looking, sports- for not posting anything of significance for the last few days. You see, Johnny's been very busy between his crap job, his not-quite-as-crap job, the children's book project (see the JB Sketch Blog for more), reading comics, cursing at his fantasy baseball team's pitchers, and so much more. Anyway, he extends his sincere apologies, and promises to be back, better than ever (well back, anyway) soon.

Thanks so very much- you've all been wonderful. I really mean that. Good night, and may whatever God you acknowledge bless. Mwah!

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