Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Could I make one request of comics fandom in general and the Comics Blogosphereiverse in particular?

Can we please eliminate the term "gritty" from the lexicon? I defy all of you out there to review or even comment on a comic that is slightly more mature in tone and subject matter than, say, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories and not use the word. Can't do it, can ya?

"Grim" is OK. Sufficiently descriptive. But "gritty" makes me wince. Perhaps it's teenage memories of sex on the beach (the act, not the drink); perhaps it's the association I make, nine times out of ten, of the word with Stimpson J. Cat's "greety keety litter". Perhaps it's simply been EFFING OVERUSED enough to make me wince when I run across a reviewer or message board poster or even a blogger that falls back on the phrase that was worn out in 1989, let alone 2004, failing to think of anything else to use. Whatever. Could we stop, please?

Toldja I was in a grouchy mood today, didn't I.

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