Friday, June 04, 2004

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Looks like I've had more down time today than I expected, enough to do some clicking around on the 'Net anyway. One thing I checked out was...wait, I think I should preface this with a little story.

When the subject of AiT/PlanetLar books came up for the first time, I made a remark somewhere or another that I had never read an AiT/PlanetLar offering before. Seeing this, Larry Young, the patron saint of the Comics Blogosphereiverse, took pity upon my plight and sent me one of his by-now-the-stuff-of-legend boxes full of graphic goodness, so I could sample the rich and bountiful harvest that his imprint had to offer. And I did, and I'm most thankful for the opportunity to do so.

But I lied. Well, lie is a harsh word. Fibbed. Told an untruth because of my forgetfulness, to be exact.

I had read the first issue of Electric Girl when it was first released. I saw the solicit, was curious, and skimmed through it on the rack when I got the chance, but for some reason I didn't buy. Maybe I was in my "I'm out of work and not looking to add new titles" mode, maybe I was in a bad mood that day, don't know. But I didn't pick it up, and did not become a regular reader. And now I'm thinking that I missed out on something good (certainly not the first time this has happened to me, nor will it be the last, I'm sure), because I've been reading the online samples at the official Electric Girl site, and I think they're just wonderful. Lotsa fun.

There appear two be two collections available, and methinks that one of these days I will place an order for them both. I'll re-add the PayPal button I used to have so you can all chip in and assist me towards this goal.

Anyway, go check 'em out! I like.

And doesn't EG's gremlin buddy look like Roger, the bully from Doug?

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