Friday, June 11, 2004

How about some linkblogging today!

Giants and Girls, an online gallery featuring images of, that's right, giants (monsters, gorillas, etc.) menacing and carrying around girls! There are several screen grabs and lobby cards from that most Psychotronic of films, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, among many others. Found via the newly redesigned Sugar 'n' Spicy, all stylin' in her new template.

The official website of Chiaki Kuriyama, also known as everybody's favorite psychotic Japanese schoolgirl bodyguard/assassin Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill Vol. 1. Caveat: the site is in Japanese characters, so there are a lot of question marks where letters should be. Also, no gallery. But wait! here's one! What a sad, pathetic old man I am...

Also via Ilana: ChaChaCharming, a web magazine which is a "Journalistic Tribute to Girl-Powered Pop- Past, Present and Future, and From All Over The Globe". Cool.

Thanks to Fred Hembeck, (no permalinks- yesterday's entry) I dropped twelve bucks on that Mojo Who Special he wrote about. Man, I love that Quadrophrenia album deeply, and the writeup it gets in that special is spot on. Here's Pete Townshend's website, in case you care to check it out.

I really liked that odd British anthology comic that Eclipse put out in the 80s, Strange Days...I whsh that there had been more! One of the main reasons was artist Brendan McCarthy, whose vivid, detailed painted art is amazing to behold. Here's his website. I think this has been linked to already by a couple of other bloggers, so apologies for poaching.

Oh well, that's all I got for now.

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