Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Someone named Justin Peters has written a somewhat condescending, but mostly informative article on the boom in animated shows lately, specifically Adult Swim's Williams Street studios. While I wonder what kind of hay the WS guys could make of a writer that uses such phrases as "the Adult Swim shows are united by a shared postmodern ethos: ironic detachment and meta-commentary on the metaphors and tropes of bad television" and "...Unsurprisingly, most of the shows that came from the networks were putrescent abortions", not to mention conclusions like "The 1970s and early 1980s saw a downturn in cartoon quality (true enough-JB), as the airwaves became cluttered with shows about innumerable latently homosexual superhero teams (wha?-JB)" and a title like "Toon In" in the first place, it's still a mostly perceptive article and worth your time. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to poach that cool Aqua Teen Hunger Force picture above!

I think it's the word "tropes". Makes the old pretension klaxons in my head go off every time, it does. Not to mention "shared postmodern ethos" (thanks, Mik).

Found via Franklin, whom I hate because his icon looks more like him than mine does. Look like me. I don't want mine to look like him. Aw, you know what I mean.

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