Sunday, December 01, 2002

Well, in case you're wondering, I won one of my fantasy football games (I'm in two leagues) today, and lost the other because I was a moron and benched Drew Bledsoe and Peerless Price. Without going into a long drawn out explanation, suffice it to say I coached myself out of a win yet again...and while the win I had today was nice and all that, I'm out of the running pretty much in that league and it's for free. The other league's for money, and I'm still in first place despite the loss but I'm still far from home free. But jeez Louise, I thought red-hot Brady against the wretched Lions was a mortal lock for some points, and slumping Bledsoe against the tough Dolphins in a snowstorm sounded like trouble. I hate to be forced to second guess myself and this sort of move always blows up in my face. You'd think after 12 years of this crap I'd learn, but NO...

At least the Falcons won a thrilla, 30-24 over Minnesota. In the dark days BMV (that's before Mike Vick), they would have lost this one, but those days are apparently over for the time being. I don't know how much longer they can keep doing this, but I'm sure as hell enjoying the ride!

Segueing effortlessly to comics news, I read in All the Rage where TPTB at the DC Message Boards have apparently chased Fables writer Bill Willingham off the boards for being somewhat confrontational with the posters. Concidentally, I just read the two issues of Fables (6 & 7) that I own today...I found them clever and enjoyable, not especially well drawn but not quite hacked out either. I was kinda waiting for the trade, which collects 1-5, to come out before I read 6 & 7, but I decided what the hell. I have been somewhat of a regular on the DCMBs for about 4 years now, but never checked out the Fables it looks like I've missed all the excitement. Oh well, it's kinda strange...since I started doing this blog stuff my desire to be a presence on the DCMBs has declined. I still pop up there and check certain boards at least once a day, but often just as a lurker. I still pop in at Pulse fairly frequently, and Newsarama once in a blue moon, but right now my message boarding is at a low point.

Watched a couple of hysterically bad films on cable over the weekend: Mariah Carey's little vanity (and I do mean Vanity, in a couple of ways) project Glitter and Donnie Wahlberg's well meaning but unintentionally hilarious Rock Star, not a remake of Spinal Tap (as if) but a thinly disguised and highly fictionalized account of the real-life fellow who started out singing lead in a Judas Priest cover band and wound up doing the same for the real group. Glitter was just cringe inducing. Maybe it's because I've never cared at all for the preening, pouting Carey or her derivative music, but that flick left no cliche unturned in its pursuit of wretchedness. I did kinda like her cover of Jam & Lewis' "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On", which was a hit for their pre-Janet protege Cherelle and is a pretty darn good song as 80's funk/synth songs go. Must be good, to survive a Carey cover. Harry Nilsson and Pete Ham are probably still spinning in their graves over her cover of "Without You"...Rock Star reminded me of back in the day when I, your humble scribe, fronted a metal group (Euphoria, by name) in high school in the late 70s. Internal conflicts (i.e., I couldn't get along with the drummer, who had most of the money tied up in the band) led to me leaving-to my satisfaction, they never did much else after I was squeezed out. Guess I should have listened to more Boston and Foreigner and less Ramones and King Crimson. Anyway, Wahlberg did the best he could with the silly script and character, and the always watchable Jennifer Aniston was, well, watchable as always! It's amazing what you'll sit through when there's nothing else on and you've already paid for it. Now if they'd just make a film called Glitter Rock Star, and base it on Marc Bolan & David, wait-they did that already and called it Velvet Goldmine. God, what a crapfest THAT flick was. Best leave well enough alone, I suppose, and seek out a copy of Born To Boogie instead.

Good God, look at the time. I have to get up and go to work in the morning. Oyasumi Nasai.

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