Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Not a lot of time to write today at work; they were cracking the ol' whip pretty hard. Kinda cuts back on my goof-off time, in which I try to find stuff to write about. I did add a few links to the arsenal today-a fun blog called Eeksy-Peeksy, who linked to me, so quid pro quo, dude- and a whole bunch of links to blogs, in their own little special section, that sport pitchers of nekkid wimmen and all sorts of sex-talk on 'em. I like to think of myself as a fairly enlightened sort, but I do have some character flaws, and lookin' at naughty stuff is one of them. I'm thinking that you might share these flaws, too. Please don't judge me too harshly. Disclaimer-these links take you to sites with explicit sexual content. If you are easily offended by this sort of thing, then please don't click on 'em. And make sure the kiddies are in bed.

In case you didn't know, I live in the part of the country that is experiencing some severe winter weather right now. In Kentucky, this rarely means large snowfalls, it means sleet and freezing rain. This makes it an incredible bitch for me to drive my forty miles to work round trip each day. But I made the drive today, because not only are we pretty busy at the ol' job, but today is NEW COMICS DAY! A man's got to have his priorities, y'know. Anyway, got a few new books-the new 100 Bullets, Legion, Gotham Central, Strangers in Paradise, and Vertigo Pop: London. Of course you know I'll review them as soon as I've read 'em.

I haven't discussed baseball much here yet, because I started this little enterprise after the baseball season had ended. I'm a little stoked about the trade my White Sox made yesterday, when the in effect traded closers with the Oakland A's and netted Billy Koch for Keith Foulke, who was the Sox closer in '01 but had inexplicably fallen out of favor this year, which really screwed my fantasy team. Now I got my closer back! Another neat little sports related thing, and if you root for the Falcons or know someone who is afflicted with that particular disease, you'll understand: I went to eat at a pizza buffet restuarant (that shows ESPN News on its large screen TV) on Monday, wearing my Falcons jacket, and all the ESPN guys were talking about was how surprising the Falcons are, and how great Mike Vick is. Hee...we Falcon fans haven't had too many opportunities to be proud of our team, and this was very sweet.

An interesting article over at Pulse-apparently the TokyoPop people are going to be publishing a Kim Possible comic. Now this in itself isn't all that exciting, because let's face it-comic book adaptations of TV shows (and vice versa) are usually always lacluster affairs and rarely spotlight what makes the source material so remarkable in the first place. But if it gets more people to watch KP on Disney and ABC Saturday, then it's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. KP is one of the best animated shows I've seen in a long time-it's always clever and fun.

Music today- Jellyfish-Bellybutton, disc 1 of Captain Beefheart's The Dust Blows Forward, disc 1 of No More Sad Refrains-The Sandy Denny Anthology, and Matthew Sweet's Blue Sky on Mars.

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