Friday, December 27, 2002

Comics Reviews

week of 12/26/02

Christmas came twice, with my second straight week of 10+ comics. I can't keep buying like this. Something's got to give, besides me, that is. BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

1. LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN v2 4 Alan Moore's synergy with Kevin O'Neill is beautiful to behold, even when the events they depict aren't so beautiful– like the floating bodies in the Thames or Mina and Quartermain's semi-watchable love scene. Lots of screen time for Captain Nemo, still my favorite League member. A

2. PROMETHEA 24 Despite seeming like only a prelude for next issue's big trial, this was still an involving read, if nothing else than because one feels bad seeing old friends (to each other, and us as well) Sophie and Stacia fighting like that. The symmetry of the tale of the ancient Prometheas and its contrast with our dueling Proms was also well done, owing in no small part to Williams and Gray, artists extraordinaire. A

3. JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER 179 Arcane machinations as only Mike Carey can do. Red Sepulchre is coming nicely to a head. I'm also loving Marcelo Frusin's art, even though it gets a little sloppy (compared to past efforts) in places this time out. A-

4. SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB 21 Only the inexplicable decison by a couple of my favorite artists, Jason Bone and Darwyn Cooke, to draw Spidey with a head as big as a weather balloon kept this from an A and a top three ranking. Otherwise, a very enjoyable holiday romp straight outta 1964, with beaucoups cameos. Cooke & Bone's Medusa almost made up for their weird Spidey. Rrrow! A-

5.LEGION 15 Not a lot happening storywise, but we get lots and lots of excellent character interaction, always the backbone of any incarnation of the Legion, and the return of the Fatal Five. Nice art by Kev Walker and a couple of inkers, including Andy Lanning. Wouldn't bother me to see him take over full time art duties, but I'll bet there are a lot of Legion fans who wouldn't agree. There are always Legion fans that don't agree. A-

6.GLOBAL FREQUENCY 4 Typically terse, dialogue-driven Warren Ellis story, built on a great idea that in its execution reminded me of John Carpenter in his heyday or some such. Steve Dillon's art is as it always is– solid. Not flashy or particularly remarkable, but solid just the same. A-

7.GOTHAM CENTRAL 2 No fireworks here, but still engrossing and readable. I love Michael Lark's art, but it looks like it's been inked with a mop. I don't really understand the cop's antipathy towards Batman at the end. A-

8.CATWOMAN 14 Like Gotham Central, this is solid if unexceptional and well drawn. Hm. I see Ed Brubaker's name in the byline of both. It's an indication of how strong, quality-wise, this week is that I rank this issue, which I enjoyed more than the last couple, so low. A-

9. JLA 76 For once with this book is better written than illustrated! The fill-in art is pretty much wretched, but a lot of interesting stuff happens, so I can't dismiss it. I'm beginning to see Al Milgrom's name pop up a lot in DC books lately...good to see he's getting work, I guess. He's a normally reliable inker, guess he's rusty...I'll miss Plastic Man, the one character that Joe Kelly seemed to have a real affinity for. B+

10. X-STATIX 6 Hate to say it, but I'm getting a real sense of Peter Milligan spinning his wheels. I dropped this once and regretted it, but I'm getting that restless feeling once again... B

11. MERIDIAN 31 I still have no idea what's going on, except at the most basic of levels. I'm gonna have to make the commitment to getting some back issues or trades, or spend my three bucks somewhere else. I liked the previous art team better than the Brigman/Carani duo we get in this issue. B

12. THE FILTH 7 My tolerance for Morrison's weirdness is almost infinite, but this is testing my patience. I hope that he's got a destination in mind for this incoherent– and in this issue's case, unpleasant– story. I had thought early on that this series would be Chris Weston's shining moment, but even his stuff looks tired this time out. C+

I also got the new COMIC BOOK ARTIST 23, but because my haul was so big I had to put it back. I'll pick it up later. I also set back a copy of HAWAIIAN DICK 1, which has piqued my interest.

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