Tuesday, December 10, 2002

A few years ago, I was blown away by a wickedly funny TV show that aired for less than one full season, called Action. It starred Jay Mohr, before he became an embarrassing annoyance on ESPN, and the wonderful Ileana Douglas. Of course, since I loved it so much, it got cancelled fast, joining Strange Luck, American Gothic, and many others in the "Shows That Dave Watches and Nobody Else Does" Hall of Fame. However, thanks to the nice folks at the Trio network, they've launched a festival named "Brilliant But Cancelled", which features Action reruns tonight through Friday night at 5 PM Eastern. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the funniest and most audacious shows to ever air on the small screen.

Of course, I don't get Trio at the Bacardi house. Feh.

Music today: Paul McCartney-McCartney, Todd Rundgren-A Wizard, A True Star, T.Rex-Tanx, and The Beach Boys-Sunflower.

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