Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Finally, I got the CD I won on eBay. I was high bidder on a copy of Neneh Cherry's 1996 CD Man, which never came out over here in the US even though her previous effort, '92's Homebrew sold respectably but not spectacularly. There was even a minor hit from Man, "Seven Seconds"...but someone somewhere deemed it unreleasable on our shores. I myself had forgotten about it until catching a few, well, seconds, of the Seven Seconds video somewhere a while back and it occurred to me that I needed to see if I could locate a copy on eBay. Which I did, from someone in England-and it took me over a month to get it. I don't trust the mail even on the best of days, and it was really beginning to bug me. Anyway, I got it, it's not bad (although I've only listened to it one and a half times so far), and all's well that ends well.

Nice, if a tad brief, interview with Legion writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning over at Pulse in which they clue the faithful in on what's in store for upcoming issues of the Legion. I've been reading the post Zero Hour Legion for about 5 years now (dropped it in 2000 for a few issues, then started picking it up again when Abnett, Lanning and Olivier Coipel started working on it), and usually always find it a great read. My enjoyment is tempered a bit by the fact that my favorite character, Zoe Saugin aka Kinetix has had to endure two complete transformations-first to something called a Terrorformer and looking like a human grapefruit girl with long red hair, and now to some sort of horrible human/computer hybrid at the hands of the Roboticans. She could be such a great character if they could just get back to her origins, but it's not looking too likely they ever will...to get a clue about what the hell I'm talking about, check out an issue sometime. It would be nice if DC would get their shit together and collect the last three (Legion of the Damned, Legion Lost, and the current series) story arcs.

Also went back to the comics shop yesterday and picked up a copy of the only CrossGen comic that's piqued my interest so far, Meridian. It's a sort of sci-fi/swords & sorcery type yarn with a lot of political intrigue woven into the mix, very epic in scope, and I'm really wishing that I had picked up on it earlier because I quite frankly have no clue about what's going on. It's nicely drawn though, and I'll try to get some of the collected trades and back issues I've missed before I make my final judgement. I don't have it on my holds list, and to be honest the cover looks like an issue of Thor, so it's no wonder I overlooked it.

Hey, look at the time! Gotta go eat lunch now. Hopefully, more later.

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