Saturday, December 28, 2002

I've been out spending the cash I mentioned that I got for Christmas. Instead of buying practical things (and because the DVD of A Hard Day's Night was sold out) I just went on a CD buying frenzy the likes of which I haven't done in ages. And while I'm a little ashamed that I didn't buy anything I needed, like clothes, I still had fun so I regret nothing.

The haul:
Los Lobos-Good Morning Aztlan
Paul Westerberg-Stereo/Mono
Former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson's New Earth Mud
Steve Earle-Jerusalem
John Lennon-Mind Games (remastered)
Coldplay-Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head

Of course, you know I will write a little about each of them in due time.

The University of Kentucky lost the big in-state rivalry basketball game today with the University of Louisville, giving the U of L a measure of revenge for the football loss a few months ago. Obviously, the Cats will only go as far as their shooting will allow...when they shoot for shit like they did today, they will lose. I've always suspected that this game is more important to the Cards than it is for the 'Cats, since Uof L fans seem to carry this perpetual fifty pound chip on their shoulders all the time when it comes to UK. Now I have no hard facts to back me up, but I'd bet the house if you went around the state and polled UL fans, at least half would say they were Card fans because they hate UK. Kinda sad, because the feeling I also have is that most UK fans still root for Louisville, at least when they don't play UK. I know that's the case for me. Oh well, like I keep saying, let's see what happens in March.

Staying in a sports mode, my beloved Falcons take on the Cleveland Browns tomorrow in the last game of the regular season, and it's very important because a win guarantees the Birds of a playoff spot. If they lose, they need a loss by the Saints. Anywho, I'm sure Dan Reeves would prefer they win it outright rather than rely on help. The Browns are a tough team, with just enough offense and defense to be problematic plus they're playing at home. I think the Falcons can win but they need to get ahead early and run up a large margin because Cleveland has been one of those freaky teams which has had a number of last-minute heroics and overtime games.

In about 30 minutes, I'm going to go see the Two Towers. Of course I'll do my obligatory review later, just like everybody else seems to have...

Also went back to my comics shop and bought the new Comic Book Artist magazine, to give me something to read while I'm babysitting evangelists tomorrow morning. It's got two awesome interviews with Hellboy's Mike Mignola and Jill Thompson of Sandman and Scary Godmother fame, and I'm looking forward to reading them in-depth. I've provided links at right to both of their sites, in case you're not familiar with either and would like to see of what I speaketh.