Saturday, December 07, 2002

Spent most of the day Christmas shopping, and I'm weary beyond the capacity for rational thought. So my entry tonight will be brief, I guess...although sometimes I never know.

Enjoyed last night's Firefly, despite some jarring violence. At least it was leavened with some (oddly placed) humor, and it lent some gravity to the goings-on. The ensemble cast seems to be really comfortable with their roles now, and a couple of the characters are becoming very interesting, especially River and Detective Harris, I mean Book. Hope we get to see 'em develop...supposedly we're going to get a new episode next week-better watch 'em while we can! And sign the petition below, please.

Got to choose a couple of my gifts...I'm gonna get the new Ron Sexsmith cd, which I'm really looking forward to hearing. Went to the local video store on the way home to rent Lilo and Stitch, but they had rented out the only copy they had. I knew I should have gone to Blockbuster. I think I'm gonna get a DVD of the Fifth Element, too, but I'm not sure.

Big game tomorrow for my Falcons, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team they're trying to catch for first place in their division. And oh joy of joys, it's going to be on a channel that I can pick up! So my ass will be planted in front of the TV tomorrow.

Ok, enough for tonight. I'll come up with some interesting stuff one of these days, I promise.

Music today: Norah Jones-Come Away With Me.

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