Friday, December 13, 2002

Hello again. Gonna be all over the map tonight, so hang on.

Tonight's ramblings are brought to you by Jim Beam. I know, I know. I may owe alliegance to the House of the Bat, but that doesn't mean I cant go visiting once in a while.

Kinda wondering if Kissinger realized what amateurs he was joining up with and had second thoughts. That old so and so is a past master of evil and you gotta think he would have run out of patience real fast with Dubya and company. Then again, maybe he had some kind of scheme in mind which would have resulted in a total screwover of the Generalissimo and company, which would have been kinda fun to see. Oh well, ces't la vie and all that.

Speaking of confidence men, it's long been my opinion that if it's proven that Pete Rose did not bet AGAINST the Reds, and he extends some sort of apology, then get his ass in the Hall of Fame right now. Don't wait until the official voting period rolls around; do it immediately. Geez, he was only one of the absolute best players in the game for a long time, and sure he was an asshole but there are plenty of assholes in the HoF already, what's one more. Put Shoeless Joe Jackson's dead ass in there too. If Pete did not bet against the Reds, then there's no way that he could have compromised the integrity of the outcome of the game. Now if he was in some gambler's pocket and coerced to do stuff that could CHANGE the outcome of the game and impact it in a negative fashion, now that's a bad thing and he doesn't deserve to be in there.

I don't give two shits about the Osbournes show. Didn't like it from day one. I was a Sabbath fan back in the day, they were one of my favorite bands and a definite influence in my musical tastes during my formative years. 1970-1978, in case you were wondering. It just makes me sad, however, to see pathetic old Ozzy shuffling around like Tim Conway on thorazine, mumbling and cursing. I derive no satisfaction or pleasure in seeing one of the heroes of my youth, no matter what a clod he was, living life in this fashion. So if that show went away tomorrow I would not shed a single tear. And people that get perverse glee from watching it are a little sad themselves. Of course I realize that a significant amount of my friends and family (and readers, too) are fans, and that's OK. Different strokes and all that. Just don't expect me to join in. I notice that the ratings this year aren't as good, so perhaps the show will shuffle off quietly, just like the Ozzman.

Speaking of ratings that aren't so good, tonight's Firefly was kick ass excellent. However, appropriately enough for Friday the 13th, the official word came down that there won't be any new episodes filmed, in other words, it is dead. Too bad. Another great show that people just couldn't wrap their heads around. Looks like I'll have more free time on Friday now. Great. At least I have the 2 hour series pilot to look forward to next week. Gee. Ya think one reason why it underperformed for Neilsen is because they showed the episodes out of order, adding confusion to a already complicated narrative? What dumb asses network execs are sometimes.

That Dreadnought of Chicanery himself, Chris Tabor, sent me this link today to the graphics-heavy webpage of a singer slash performance artist named High Priestess Regan. Cursory examination of her site shows a beautiful young lady with some unorthodox links. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself. That Chris. He seems like such a nice, normal, fine upstanding young man but oh, can appearances be deceiving.

Speaking of performance artists, click on the link at right and immerse yourself in the quaint and whimsical world of Dame Darcy. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. Don't ask me to explain why.

I'm not done yet. Gotta scan something, then I'll be back.

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