Monday, December 23, 2002

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Above are pictures of my kids, Abby (as Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge's housekeeper) and Britt (as Jacob Marley's ghost) as they appeared in Horse Cave Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol. We went to see it Saturday, which was probably the most notable thing I did in my weekend.

While this paradoxical little town I live in would seem to be interested in only a few things like tobacco farming, country and gospel music, NASCAR, and professional wrestling, it has sported a successful professional repertory theatre in its midst since 1977, and for the last six or seven years my children have been involved with it in various capacities, both onstage and off. They both hope to pursue a career in theatre, Abby in production (and musical theatre) and Britt in acting and technical work (he also did a month this time last year at Syracuse Stage in upstate New York as a light technician). While I know it's a hard row to hoe, I wish them the best and I think they can do it if they are willing to work at it...

Only watched one film this weekend, Enemy at the Gates. While its period recreation was outstanding (I suppose, I'm not that old and I'm hardly an expert), the script was dull and the love story seemed jammed in with a crowbar. It was one of those films where everyone, Russian or German alike, spoke with a British accent which becomes very annoying. While there were some tense moments here and there, it is ultimately another film which squanders the great Ed Harris.

Good news: Vera Brosgol's back from school and has not only updated her fun Return To Sender webcomic but has also posted several new illustrations in her art gallery, many of them drawing class assignments. Check 'em out!

Odd, downbeat but nice Jingle Belle strip in yesterday's Sunday comics section over at Go forth and viddy it, o my brothers and sisters.