Thursday, December 05, 2002

Time once again for that grand weekly tradition here at the Show: New Comic Reviews! What I bought and what I thought, ranked in order of how I liked 'em.

1. 100 BULLETS 40: As usual, great script, great art. Didn't see Lono's fate coming. Surprises. I like that. A

2. GOTHAM CENTRAL 1: Nice, Powers-influenced script, with the underrated Michael Lark channeling another underrated artist, Cliff Chiang. Lark's work in the past didn't sport such a heavy, thick line and it was a wee bit distracting to me. If you liked Josie Mac, or any of the various cop shows on TV, you'll like this. It's cut from the same cloth. A-

3. LEGION 14: Oddly anticlimactic, but almost everything was tied up in a neat fashion, and didn't strain credulousness too much, sometimes not a DnA strong point. Characterization, the backbone of any Legion project, was strong. I have a few reservations about the Roboticans' being able to rebuild everything the way it was before (think about the scope of that task for a minute), but that's a minor quibble at best. I'll miss Oli Coipel, was his art that got me to pick up the Legion again after I had dropped it before. There are some competent replacements scheduled, though, so we will see what we shall see. I think that the Marvel faithful are going to have a more difficult time adjusting to his art than TPTB at the House of Ideas thinks. A-

4. VERTIGO POP: LONDON 2: Pretty much Status Quo (that's a pun, kiddies) from issue 1. Clever script, great art, but seemed a bit padded, and it's looking like this might devolve into sort of a Roadrunner cartoon, which would be disappointing. A-

5. STRANGERS IN PARADISE v2 54: Y'know, for about 4 years I was an avid X-Files fan. I was caught up in and fascinated with the complex plot and charmed by, or at least interested in Mulder and Scully and the whole lot. Then eventually I realized that no matter how many movies or Very Special Episodes that they put out there, one thing was certain: they weren't going to resolve anything. Maybe it was to provide a carrot to dangle to keep us viewing, maybe they didn't know how to end it plausibly. I don't know. But I had had enough. I didn't CARE anymore so I went cold turkey on my X-Files habit...I still haven't seen the last three years of that show. Which brings me to the new issue of Strangers in Paradise, in which Terry Moore has moved beyond the point of placing his likeable characters in interesting situations and into the realm of sadism, not only for his protagonists but us, the faithful readers who have been following the ins and outs of the Choovanski/Peters relationship for the last 3 or 4 years. My patience has just about run out with this book. I'm getting to the point where I don't care if the girls ever hook up, and that's the core of this comic. Too much foreplay and not enough climax is never a good thing, no matter how pleasurable the foreplay is. I really don't want to drop, but Moore may leave me no choice-life is difficult enough without getting all pissed off at a comic book! B

Other things read this week: I dug some stuff out of the old collection last weekend, including the run of Young Heroes In Love (fun, uneven sometimes but I wish we could see more), Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy (pretty coherent for Grant, and superbly illustrated by J.G. Jones), and the Adam Warren four issue limited series Dirty Pair: Run For Your Life, which was absolutely wonderful. Love it when Warren does the Pair, wish that he would do some more.

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