Monday, December 23, 2002

Some random stuff:

New Robert Christgau Consumer Guide posted at the Village Voice. Let there be revelry, drunkenness, and fornication everywhere. I was gratified to see that he saw fit to mention the only Avril Levigne song that I wanted to hear more than once (choice cut) and was as unimpressed with Beck's latest as I was.

Gee whiz. Give me a day off and I blog like a crazy man. And just the other day I was thinking that I had run out of anything to say (and not saying anything worth reading) and was wasting my time. Maybe this here blog stuff is therapeutical in some way, who knows?

Guess I'll refresh my drink and go watch the football game. Since Drew Bledsoe singlehandedly killed my fantasy season with his five-week long stink-fest, my interest is flagging. That being said, I was happy to see where my beloved Falcons had taken another step towards making the playoffs since the magical 1998 season by beating the eminently beatable Detroit Lions yesterday. Those are the kind of games you have to win. Of course, they still have to win next week or hope that both the Saints and Giants lose, none of which are a sure thing, especially since they have to beat the tough Cleveland Browns, with UK product Tim Couch at QB. Another UK grad stepped up big time for the Birds yesterday, the previously invisible Quentin McCord. Where the hell did he come from? Hope he sticks around!

And you may have noticed that in only one short day, not only have I figured out the secret to posting images side by side, but I have now acheived BOLD TYPE and ITALICS! Gaze upon my works, o ye mighty, and tremble!

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