Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Some more stuff before I retire.

Bill Nelson has a new diary entry. Who's Bill Nelson? Go here. And here. Then go here to read the entry, well written as always in his colorful style. This one deals with, among other things, his perception of that upcoming holiday, one which I share to a great extent.

Finally got around to examining the blog named Silflay Hraka, which I have summarily linked to at right. One of the things I found through SH was this, the Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus, which you gotta see to believe. It's very cool. Didn't help much with the ongoing "comment" substitute search, though.

New DC Comics solicitations for March have been released. Go here for a list, with covers. A cursory glance reveals a lot of fill-in artists on several titles and a lot of sweet Bruce Timm work (covers, reprints) coming up. I'll bet Laura's counting the days until the Aquaman Secret Files comes out. Looks like a lot of cancellations coming up too, but amazingly not any books that I buy. I'm surprised that it took 'em as long as it did to kill that lame Spectre book, beautiful Russell covers notwithstanding.

Speaking of which, another glance at the Diamond shipping list for tomorrow promises me that there will be ten, count 'em, ten books in my stack tomorrow. Oh, my aching wallet. And that's not counting Love & Rockets v2 6, which was scheduled to come out last week but didn't, at least at my comics shop.


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