Monday, December 23, 2002

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Just watched Lilo & Stitch, and the name "Stitch" was appropriate because many stitches were needed to hold its flimsy and improbable story together. I just couldn't buy the central conflict, that of the social services people wanting to take recently orphaned Lilo away from her sister, who was employed and was trying to provide a stable home for her, and only a string of Lucy show-ish preposterous coincidences gave any evidence at all that this would be a problem. But all nitpicking aside (and what's the point with this kind of movie?), I found L & S quite enjoyable in spite of itself, because when it wasn't bending over backwards to make little kids giggle and frantically pushing buttons to make adults tear up, it was likeable and clever and extremely well drawn/animated, with an abundance of lovely backgrounds, rendered in watercolors (or what appears to be, anyway). I gotta go to Hawaii someday. And did I mention that Lilo's sister Nani was drawn to be a white hot nuclear smokin' hottie? Down, Johnny.

Wonder how you say good night in Hawaiian? Surely not "aloha". Perhaps I should just remember what Warren Zevon, God be with him, wrote: "Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana".