Sunday, December 01, 2002

Good morning and Happy (belated) Chanukah/Hanukah to those of you that observe it. I had a girlfriend back in high school that was Jewish (a real rarity in south central KY, let me tell you), and learned a bit about the tradition and observance of it then. Even got a nice gift. Then her parents moved. *sigh* So wherever you are, Linda, happy Hanukah!

Presumably (or coincidentally) because I sniveled about not getting any responses, I've been receiving lots of swell correspondence lately. Now I'm feeling a bit of pressure to write lots of interesting stuff. The squeaky wheel, indeed! Rest assured I intend to post here soon, just not right 30 minutes, my beloved Atlanta Falcons will be playing the Minnesota Vikings, and it's actually on TV! On a station that I can pick up! So bet your ass I'll be watching.

Yesterday was my grandson's birthday. Happy b-day to ya, Nevan.

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More later, I hope.

Music so far today-Beatles-A-Rama, on, and as usual around here lotsa Christmas music. Sigh.