Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Good news. Apparently I'm 71% comic pure, according to the Comic Book Geek Test. From the vague commentary, I assume that's a good thing– the higher you score, as I understand it, the less of a geek you are.. See how you rate. Found this on Franklin's site.

Just when you think we've plumbed new depths of ignorance and stupidity, along comes the news (courtesy of Silflay Hraka) that apparently there are people who wish to change the name of the new Lord of the Rings film, which is (if you've just returned from Mars) The Two Towers, out of what they perceive to be potential offense to those who have suffered through the 9/11 tragedy. Get it? Two Towers, Twin Towers. Oh, my aching head. If you are a sane, rational, thinking person, and I think you are– you can sign a counter petition (actually, there are several– I signed the one at the top). I don't think there's much of a chance that any change will actually be made, but it's an opportunity to count yourself upon the non-morons.

Got another phone message from Trevor Von Eeden about the humongous letter of comment he's writing me about my Thriller website. Of course, you may remember that Von Eeden was the artist of said comics series, the subject of my little tribute site. He also wished to let me know he's going to do an illustration of some sort to accompany this!! Upon hearing this, I did a little Pee-Wee Herman dance of glee. I'm really looking forward to reading his comments, but on the negative side I'll have to redo my site, I'm sure of it. Sigh.

Christmas present number one-the new Pearl Jam CD, Riot Act, from my cousin Stacey.

Guess this is all the bloggery I'll be up to today...today, it's Grandmother's at noon, and my Mother's in the evening, then a gift-opening frenzy back here at the Bacardi residence tonight. Also, a viewing of the 1950 Christmas Carol at 8. Doesn't look like I'll get back to the iMac today, so from all of me to all of you, a very merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

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