Thursday, December 26, 2002

New comics out today! Like another Christmas, only expensive (at least for me it was). Second straight 10+ book week! Here's what I picked up:

Catwoman 14
the Filth 7
Global Frequency 3
Gotham Central 2
Hellblazer 179
JLA 76
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen v2 4
Legion 15
Promethea 24
X-Statix 6
Meridian 31
Spider-Man's Tangled Web 21

I also had the new Comic Book Artist, featuring Mike Mignola and Jill Thompson (sweet), in my holds but there's no way I could buy that on top of all the rest. I'll get it next week.

How was my Christmas? Just fine. Spent the last two days visiting different sides of the family, eating, and getting gifts. Had the grandson over last night, and he had a ball playing with the stuff we got him. I'll publish a swag list later; I'm at work and am really too busy to be typing this!

One thing to pass on: back in the late 70s–early 80s, I was a regular buyer of Heavy Metal magazine. One of my favorite series that appeared in its pages was Tex Arcana, by John Findlay, whom I had not heard from before and haven't heard from since...but I sure loved his Tex Arcana. Basically a supernatural-flavored Western spoof, it featured witty dialogue and beautifully rendered pencil art, and is, in my opinion, one of the best Western series ever. I had given up being able to read it again (I let go of my HMs when I sold 3/4 of my original collection back in '87) without tracking down hard-to-find and often pricey back issues, until I recently found where, through the courtesy of the folks at Unbound Comics, you can download the entire strip for a nominal charge. I intend to do so ASAP. Go here to check it out.

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