Sunday, December 29, 2002

The Atlanta Falcons lost the battle but won the war today, losing to the Cleveland Browns 26-14 but still qualifying for the playoffs since the New Orleans Saints lost as well.

I have been known to be wrong before, but I don't like their chances against the always tough Green Bay Packers in the opening round of the playoffs, especially considering their inconsistent offense with its coaches' boneheaded play-calling, and their softer than ice cream defense. Backing into the playoffs was the worst way for them to go in, too. It is worth mentioning that in week one, before anybody dreamed what this Falcons team would acheive, that the Pack only beat them by the slimmest of margins, at home, and if not for a questionable call would have been beaten. At this point I send a shout out to Michele.

Still, it's been a pretty good season overall. I never thought they'd make it this far. I thought they'd be 7-9, at best 8-8 when the season started. Maybe they'll prove me wrong and go deep into the playoffs. I sure hope so! I'm not betting the house, though.

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