Saturday, December 11, 2004

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTime once again for the ongoing saga of JOHNNY B'S FEARLESS NFL PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS!
Not trying to rub it in on you Seahawks fans out there (and I know there are at least two of you)...but in the freebie Yahoo fantasy football league, I had been searching for a 2nd RB to go with Shaun Alexander all season long until Julius Jones' emergence in Dallas. I was able to pick him up from the free agent pool after his Thanksgiving game, and my playoff prospects look a shade rosier now. So I honor him by spotlighting is picture. I still can't stand the Cowboys, but I can root for Jones a little, I suppose!

OK, predictions:

ATLANTA over Oakland- Three weeks ago, this would have been a lead-pipe lock, now the Raiders' offense has come to life, and Atlanta's is like the Cheshire Cat- disappearing when you least expect it. IF they can score, they should win, and I give them a shaky nod at home.

BALTIMORE over the NY Giants- What has happened to the Ravens' defense! Ugh!

BUFFALO over Cleveland- Somebody throw some water on the red-hot Bills.

DALLAS over New Orleans- Go, Julius Jones!

INDIANAPOLIS over Houston- Will Manning set the record? He just might.

JACKSONVILLE over Chicago- I like the Bears, who play tough, but I take the Jag-wires at home.

MINNESOTA over Seattle- Even in the best of times, the 'Hawks don't play well on the road. The disappointment continues for the Seahawk faithful.

NEW ENGLAND over Cincinnati- The Bengals have become an offensive juggernaut, but I think Belichick can slow them down without too much difficulty

DENVER over Miami- Denver needs this worse than the Dolphins do.

PITTSBURGH over the NY Jets- I give the Steelers the nod at home in the best game of the week.

GREEN BAY over Detroit- The Pack will bounce back from last week's embarrassment.

ARIZONA over San Fransisco- I like the Cards at home against a Niners team that's playing out the string.

CAROLINA over St. Louis- Just like Buffalo, Carolina is smokin', and they shouldn't have too much trouble with the underacheiving Rams with Chrystal Chandelier at QB (That's Chris Chandler, for you non-Falcon fans)

SAN DIEGO over Tampa Bay- The Chargers have a chance to help my Falcons out, and while it will be tough, I think they can pull out a close one.

PHILADELPHIA over Washington- The Eagles shouldn't have too much trouble here, even though the Skinnies finally found their offense last Sunday.

TENNESSEE over Kansas City- Pee-yew, what an ugly Monday night game!

Last week: 12-4. Season: 117-75, .609.

Fantasy: Cutthroat Money League: lost 65-14 (ouch). Record- 5-8, tied for 4th in a four team division. Looking good for a high draft pick next year, though!

Yahoo: Won 78-70, record: 7-6, tied for 4th in a 12-team league and clinched a playoff berth.

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