Friday, April 09, 2010

It's like someone wrote a comic just for me.

The esteemed Bill Doughty of Trusty Plinko Stick renown left me a message on Facebook the other day, asking me if I knew about the above, and since I am not a regular reader of the newish Batman: The Brave and the Bold Johnny DC book, I did not. But when I found out the news, I had to check it out...and OH. MY. GOD. Not only do we have the first appearance (of which I'm aware anyway) of Johnny Bacardi Show Official Mascot Super-Hip! (always gotta have that exclamation point, you know) since the Elasti-Girl/Mento wedding in Doom Patrol #104, but we also get Mad Mod (whom I've devoted a post or two to in the past...Google it) and Brother Power the Geek, another longtime favorite character of mine! And all three (especially Brother Power) are handled very nicely- Moddie is done in Teen Titans style, unsurprisingly, and Super-Hip! could have stepped straight out of the pages of Adventures of Bob Hope. I do think, after further reflection, that he could have used his shapeshifting powers to get out of that jam...but I also think I'm way too geeky about it, and at least he got to save Batman's butt on the second page. From Go-Go Checks, no less...heh heh. It's just a good thing he didn't change back into Tad Jutefruice.

Many thanks to Bill, and writer Sholly Fisch as well as artists Robert Pope and Scott McRae. Well done, fellas.

This is just a small part of the whole comic, so I hope no one gets their knickers in a twist, me duckies, by me posting these pages.