Thursday, December 02, 2004

Oops, I did it again. To coin a phrase.

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I added a couple of links and re-added a link banner that I had inadvertedly deleted during the Great Template Change-over of last year, and re-published my index...which caused my bloglink to pop up on top of the Comics Weblog Update page. And if you have been anxiously awaiting my next random musing with breathless anticipation, then quickly clicked on the link, and got bupkus...well, I can imagine your frustration and annoyance. I'm kinda feeling it myself these days.

Anyway, I decided I should try and put something here, to justify your clickage, and realized I hadn't done a BSBdG (that's Bacardi Show Birthday Greeting, in case you forgot) in what seems like something approaching FOREVER, so I give you a big, fat, wet BSBdG going out to the lovely, demure, and recently wed (for the time being) Britney Spears, who celebrates her 23rd trip around that big ol' superheated gas ball in space today. She's achieved so much in such a short time...more than some people (I can think of ONE in particular) have in 44 years upon this big blue marble. Remember that show?

Well, that's all I got for now, besides a creeping, and troubling, case of writer's block. I'll close with the deathless prose of Sir Paul McCartney:

Don't say it!
Don't say it!
Say anything but, don't say goodnight tonight.

Sorry, Paul. Goodnight. Tonight.

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