Friday, December 03, 2004

A tale of two covers...
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Whilst perusing the Comics Continuum sneak previews for today, my easily distracted eye was caught by two wildy disparate comic book covers, which you see above. Cover one is for some book published by Udon Entertainment called Darkstalkers. Ooh, scary, kids! I know very little about this company or its offerings, and judging by the subject matter of this and some of the other covers from them I've seen I don't really want to know much either...but God help me, I like that painting, and especially the pose that the cover artist put the girl in, whatever she is. I don't care for all the demons and froofraw behind her, and the colors are a little too dark for my liking, and her left hand's fingers look a little wonky, and...hey, maybe I'm not so crazy about this cover after all. Anyway, I like that green-haired demonic dolly with the Mickey Bat headpiece and the laws-of-physics defying boob flaps (complete with little cutaway heart on her waist), and while I sincerely doubt I'll buy this comic, since I kinda lost interest in that sort of thing about the time I became old enough to drink legally, I will step up and say nice job. Kinda.

Equally nice job on the very movie-posterish second image, for the second issue of Angeltown, by Shawn Martinbrough. I was a tad disappointed in the first issue, and this issue may not be any better- but I like that illustration, especially the way it's arranged, with the light rays of the flare in the foreground serving as frames for each cast member's portrait...

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