Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Back to the subject of Bob Haney, if I may, the redoubtable Fred Hembeck has posted a nice overview, in his obit for Haney, of a fondly remembered issue of The Brave and the Bold, in which Batman and Sgt. Rock teamed up with...Haney and Aparo! It's the December 6 entry, Fred doesn't do the permalink thing. That issue was right in the middle of the time when my B&B interest was at its peak, and I actually had several letters or one-line team-up suggestions printed in the letters columns of that time. Bangin' 'em out on my old manual typewriter, I was! I wrote a lot of LoC's (as we used to call 'em) on a lot of comics and had a few printed here and there- but Murray Boltinoff, God bless him, was the one person who I could depend to pop me in the lettercol on something resembling a regular basis. In fact, in this issue, I got the entire letter column to myself, thanks to the publisher's statement!

OK, enough reminiscing. Back to work. Sigh.

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