Friday, December 03, 2004

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I've been a hot-and-cold Legion reader for several years now, and I definitely have been on the fence about the umpteenth relaunch of the venerable corporate trademark. I like writer Mark Waid's stuff OK, even though I won't go out of my way to buy it, but artist Barry Kitson's work strikes me as stiff and dull, and a little too late-70s-early-80s Bob Layton for my tastes. I liked JLA: Year One in spite of his work, not because of it. BUT after reading Arune Singh's (who I remember from the DC Legion Message Boards back in the day) latest interview/promo piece with Waid about the upcoming title, and seeing some of the art, I have begun to lean towards adding this to my pull list.

And y'know why? And why I chose that particular art sample at left? Well, I like the costume Kitson's given Light Lass. And I also see that Sun Boy, neglected for the whole bulk of the 90's and Aughts Legion run, is back and in full standing as a LSH member. I still hate the decision to go back to the silly sounding "Lad", "Lass", "Girl", etc. code names, but in one of the pages is a somewhat clever explanation, and I'm impressed enough to go along with it. See how easily swayed I am, and how pathetically interested I still am in these corporate comics with their spandex and locked-in-the-70s mindset? Sigh. Why can't I be like the cool kids, with their Blanketses and their manga?

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