Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDC's put out its March solicits, and like every other Comics blogger worth his or her salt, I'll run down a list of things that hath caught mine eye. First, the weird cover for GREEN ARROW 48, at left, by the incredible James Jean. Talk about pearls and swine (and no, I'm not saying that GA readers are swine)- why in the world is an artist with such a refined and imaginative style doing covers for Green fricking Arrow, for goodness sakes? Typically, though, Jean makes it very memorable- the oddball cowboy robot GA's riding is an old villain from the Batman and the Outsiders days called the (get ready for it) "Duke of Oil" (ouch), and he was pretty forgettable...but Jean gives this hokey character an almost W.W. Denslow look, to my eyes anyway. Will I buy this? Shyeaaah, right.

Moving down the list:

That BATMAN: COVER TO COVER a coffee-table hardcover collection of Batman covers over the years, looks interesting but is too pricey for me. Maybe someday.

Snazzy new B&W Dave Mazzuchelli cover on BATMAN: YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION HC -- NEW EDITION, which reminds me yet again that right now I don't own a copy of either Batman: Year 1 or The Dark Knight returns since I sold 3/4 of my original collection back in 1987. I've been eyeballing trades of both, so maybe one of these days...

Will someone tell me what happens in BIRDS OF PREY #80? It's supposed to be one of the "most talked-about comics of the year"...but I don't intend to buy it to find out what's going on.

DC COUNTDOWN #1: 80 pages for $1? What the-? I'm not wild about the creators involved, but the inner fanboy in me is intrigued.

DOOM PATROL #10 features the "startling origin of "Grunt". I wonder if Mexican food is involved?

THE HUMAN RACE #1 looks like another slip-between-the-cracks series. At least it's solicited as a 7-issue miniseries.

SEVEN SOLDIERS continues with: GUARDIAN #1, with Cameron Stewart art, always a plus, and SHINING KNIGHT #1 with art by one Simone Bianchi, whose stuff reminds me a bit of a retro cross between John Buscema and Neal Adams...and no, he's not Frank Brunner! I plan to be picking these up, 'cause I'm interested in what I've read about Seven Soldiers.

Image Hosted by 
<br />ImageShack.usA title I've been looking forward to for a while now, Jason Pearson and Ed Brubaker's THE RAZOR'S EDGE: REDBIRD #1 (right) is coming out this month.

FINALLY, Paul Pope's 100% TP is set to be released. I flat out loved 100%, but the only issue to come out since I started blogging was the last one, #5, so you've been spared what I'm sure would have been paragraph after paragraph of raving. 100% was one of the best series to come out this decade so far, certainly one of the best things DC's ever published, and if you haven't read it I strongly encourage you to lay down the coin and pick this up. Even with my anorexic bank account, I'm considering getting it for the extras.

I'm not really a fan of Phil Jiminez, but his OTHERWORLD #1 sounds intriguing. I might wait for the trade on this one.

The best thing about the solicit for THE LOSERS #22 is that there will BE a THE LOSERS #22. Same goes for PLASTIC MAN #15.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFinally, I don't buy THE WITCHING anymore, but God love 'er, Tara MacPherson keeps giving us those amazing covers. Heck, I might pick up the trade, if there is one, just to see if it got any better.

Hm...done already. Guess there's just not all that much coming from DC in March that grabs me, with a few exceptions. Ces't la vie, I'm sure they'll do just fine just the same.

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