Friday, May 21, 2004

While I'm thinking about it, here's another comic-music association, perhaps the first time this peculiar phenomenon ever happened to me, and I'll bet Neilalien might find this interesting: Strange Tales 133, Dr. Strange mixed up with warring sisters in some Ditkoesque dimenson in a tale titled "A Nameless Land, A Timeless Time" (Boy, could Stan name 'em or what), and "Love Potion #9" by the Coasters, one of the many classic 45s in my Aunt Lavana's record collection that I listened to all the time when I was a little kid and stayed with my grandparents while my folks worked. For some reason, this story (which I haven't read in years) and that song are forever linked in my mind.

More non-nostalgia related posts later, hopefully...

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