Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What to my wondering eyes should appear today but the dirt over at The Comics Treadmill about Heidi MacDonald, (who's always seemed nice enough in the rare occasions I've had internet conversations with her) who has decided to spew a little venom at comics bloggers, having dipped her toe into the pool a few weeks ago and apparently finding the water not to her liking.

Geez, how dare we! Obviously, we commoners who don't get paid to write about funnybooks should never have opinions and even more heinous, should never actually put them out for the world to see! What the hell were we thinking? Of course, Miz MacD doesn't name names- that would mean actually calling someone out- but by doing so tars all of us with the same brush, from the erudite likes of Bill Sherman, Alan D. Doane, Sean T. Collins, and Dave Fiore who have actually had print reviewing experience (Sherman and Collins having appeared in the Comics Journal, same as Heidi when she was getting started), to those of us who are rank amateurs but still occasionally have something to say. Who the heck appointed her regulator of blogging about comics anyway? She had a blog for about five seconds, and deleted it!

This really irritates the shit out of me, because while she's entitled to her opinion, she is obviously putting herself on a pedestal which I'm not so sure one should put oneself on. When someone uses a bully pulpit like this to present an opinion that is based on personal reckoning only and not any sort of concrete facts is just irresponsible. For other, more intelligent responses, check out Dave Fiore (succinct and clever), Ken Lowery (more lengthy, but spot on none the less), and a most non chopped liver-like response by Shane over at Near Mint Heroes.


Update: Heidi addresses the issue herself, along with a host of other fine folks, at Kevin Melrose's comments section.

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