Tuesday, May 11, 2004

That estimable Pop Culture Gadabout, Bill Sherman, has once again hit nail squarely on head with his insightful review of Planet of the Capes. I'm still embarrassed that I didn't catch on from the beginning to what it was all about, but hey, I never claimed to be a real critic anyway, nor did I ever claim to be particularly insightful for that matter.

So does this change my final opinion of PotC? Well, somewhat. I think Larry Young and artist Brandon McKinney turned in a mostly clever little parody slash satire. But I can't help but flash on Bob Christgau's review of John & Yoko's Some Time in New York City in situations like this, specifically this statement:

...if agitprop is one thing and wrong-headed agitprop another, agitprop that doesn't reach its intended audience is hardly a thing at all.

For what it's worth, I whip that one out when referring to Grant Morrison's work quite often as well.

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