Tuesday, May 18, 2004

My good bud Dave Puckett's done it again. After sticking his toe in the blogpool by creating the one-shot Beatles and Bizarro site, he's now moved on and created a new ongoing blog called Elmo's Junction, and it promises to serve as a forum for his commentary and viewpoints on goodness knows what.

"Elmo" is Elmo Jenkins, a character Dave created years ago which kinda serves the same function as Buddy Bradley for Pete Bagge, or "Joe Matt" does for Joe Matt, or "Harvey Pekar" does for...well, you get the idea. I've been privileged to have been reading his exploits, all written and drawn by Mr. Puck in his idiosyncratic style for a long time now, and they're often very amusing. I wish Dave could collect them all and put them out for general perusal, but you know how those things go...anyway, I don't know if Dave plans to post any of his Elmo strips there, or talk about comics, music or whatever...but I think it will be interesting anyway.

I'll add it to my links list as soon as I can get behind a PC again...

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