Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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Two things that caught my eye during a belated reading of Rich Johnston's 1000th Lying In The Gutters column:

The website of Adi Granov, who's said to be the artist on Warren Ellis' upcoming Iron Man stint and has a nice soft-edge painted style, as you can tell by the example above. He's done several Marvel covers already, on the likes of She-Hulk and (duh) Iron Man, as you'll see if you visit his site. Sometimes his sequential stuff looks a bit stiff and posed, but hey, nobody's perfect. I don't wanna have to buy frigging Iron Man, for chrissakes, but between Ellis and this, I'm tempted...

Also, an item about the possible return, or at least a possible collection, of Omaha The Cat Dancer, an anthropomorphic-soap-opera-with-hardcore-sex series that was published by various people back in the 80s and of which I never missed an issue. New stories are a bit uncertain due to writer Kate Worley's health problems, but it's nice to see this well-done series in the spotlight again. Johnston also provides a link to Omaha artist Reed Waller's blog, which I didn't know existed.

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