Monday, May 03, 2004

Since I am regarded in many quarters as a "comics commentary"-type blog, here's my take on the Micah Wright thing that has everyone all a-twitter:

Like Mark Millar, I've never read a single thing the guy's written, so while it doesn't particularly affect me one way or the other if he's losing work thanks to the kneejerk PC reaction by many of TPTB, I will say that while what he did was pretty stupid, especially in these apparently less enlightened times...but for him to be losing assignments and jobs over it is, to say the least, a grevious overreaction. For the love of God- if they fired or denied work to every creator that said or did stupid things, there would be no comics industry left to speak of! So while I don't particularly have a vested interest in his future, I hope he perseveres and overcomes. Guess I just have a soft spot for fuckups.

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