Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Edith Bunker meets The Grand...

Remember how, in All in the Family (all right, all you young whippersnappers out there, don't give me that look- AitF has been in worldwide reruns for at least 20 years now), Archie would tell a joke, and everyone would laugh but Edith...and then about ten minutes later Edith would get it and suddenly burst out laughing?

Well, that's kinda how I feel after reading where somebody has finally explained what the Planet of the Capes TPB was all about. Thank you, Dorian (Gray?). You shall be linked to eventually.

Does that change my C- review from a few days ago? Maybe. I'll have to re-read it first, with that in mind. But sitting here at work and trying to remember story details, I'm still not sure if I would have really picked up on the subtleties, even with foreknowledge...and that's not good. Or at least I don't think it is!

And Larry, it would have been really funny if you had had Charlton Heston come out at the end and said "You damn dirty apes"!

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