Saturday, May 01, 2004

Went to the sidewalk sale at the Great Escape (aka My Comics Shop That I Bitch About From Time to Time) this morning. They had the usual stuff outside: CD's, vinyl, TPB's, comics, figures & toys, cards and so on, some stuff as much as 75% off, plus they had 25% off of all merchandise inside. So I went down to buy the Love Fights TPB that came in Wednesday, plus the latest issue of Mojo magazine, which featured John Lennon on the cover with an article about his protest period from '68 to '72. Also, in a side note, it featured a small review of the Donovan album Cosmic Wheels, which you all know that I groove on (as they used to say), and has apparently been re-released in a twofer disc with its lackluster successor Essence To Essence. Thought you might like to know this, Bill S.!

I went a little crazy and got carried away in the 25%-75% off fever- and I bought more than I meant to. I'm sure none of you have ever done that. Anyway, just in case you're wondering, here's what I picked up:

King David by Kyle Baker. Ghastly color, but it was 75% off and I kept thinking if I could ever find it at a substantial discount, I'd get it. I did, and I did.

New X-Men TPB 2: Imperial. Yeah, that's right, I bought an X-Men book. I have less than no use for the ongoing travails of the not-so-merry mutants, but I do love Grant Morrison's work, not to mention Frank Quitely and Igor Kordey, plus I bought the first one a couple of years ago to see whether I wanted to start picking the comic up regularly. Turns out I liked X-Statix, or as it was named then X-Force a bit better, so I bought the former regularly for a while, and never got back to the latter. That has changed. I've heard and read a lot of good stuff about this book, so I'm gonna give it another shot to see if it grabs me. At least this time I won't be concerned with whether or not I want to buy the ongoing!

Sandman Presents: The Furies TPB. Well, even though I have nothing but love for the writing of Mike Carey and the art of John Bolton, I passed on the initial overpriced hardcover and kinda forgot about it when the softcover came out. At 25% off, I decided to make my move.

Steve Niles Tales of Terror: Aleister Arcane #1. The painted art looked really nice, and I had read a positive review or two about this, so I picked it up. Again if it hadn't been 25% off, I probably wouldn't have.

And this, plus the Love Fights and Mojo, was my haul. Doesn't sound like much , but it was just a hair over 50 bucks, even with all the discounts. Sigh. Anyway, I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading them ASAP.

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