Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Just when you think that there's no way that the excitement engendered by THE GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY can be topped, well, it's been done. I am pleased to announce another contest designed to get those of you out there who are hesitant to partake in, shall we say, less accessible and more refined fruit the opportunity to sample free of charge and personal consequence, AiT/PlanetLar's intriguing ongoing series Demo, plus the chance to win a whole bunch of other cool stuff as well!

As conceived by those fine gentlemen of irreproachable repute Ken Lowery, Shane Bailey, Rick Geerling, Kevin Melrose, and your humble scribe (actually, my contribution was kinda in the "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea" area), here's what ya gotta do: write. Tell us how you would answer the question what if you were different? What if you had powers that set you apart from everyone else? What would become of your life? How would you change? We want to know what superpower you'd want to have, and what you'd do with it. And while I can certainly get behind the "I'd like to be invisible so's I could see people in the shower" notion, we're looking for something a bit more, shall we say, fresh. You know, original.

Tell 'em what they can win, Johnny!

OK. Copied shamelessly from Kevin.

Top prize is the first five issues of Demo, copies of Channel Zero, Jennie One, Couscous Express, Public Domain and The Couriers 02: Dirtbike Manifesto, and a piece of original art from that most misunderstood of one-shots Planet of the Capes, all courtesy of Larry Young and AiT/Planet Lar, plus a six-issue subscription to Digital Webbing Presents and four back issues, courtesy of Digital Webbing!

The other prizes, along with all the other pertinient information you will need, is right here, in a really nice looking contest info page. Second through fourth prizes are pretty darn swell, too.

Finally, Kevin Melrose has an interview with Demo artist Becky Cloonan over at his joint. Go read it, then start writing! What are you waiting for?

Contest ends May 12, by the way. I feel like I should rattle off a whole bunch of disclaimer type stuff now really fast in a low monotone.

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