Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Sad to read about, from Mark Evanier via Flat Earth, Bob Haney's recent massive stroke. Haney wrote a hell of a lot of DC comics that I read as a young kid and as a teenager, most specifically the eight hundred thousand or so issues of The Brave and the Bold that I read religiously in the 70s. He also created the Mad Mod, who I've spent a fair amount of blogspace writing about over the last few months. I hope that he's able to pull through, but the prognosis doesn't sound good.

Also, I'm a bit embarrased to admit that it didn't occur to me to pass on the information about Omaha The Cat Dancer writer and co-creator Kate Worley's health problems when I posted about the discussed revival of that long-unseen title. Anyway, she's in dire straits, suffering from cancer and having a hard time making ends meet, and the Pulse has posted a news item about it. Go read and help out if you're able.

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