Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well, it's the second intermission of the Flames-Sharks game (Go Flames!), so I'm gonna try to write a few lines before I go back to the cushy embrace of the tee-wee.

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, then I need to go get my flame resistant pajamas...because I started to sit down earlier this evening and comment on the other odds-and-sods comics I've picked up lately, like I said I would, but the usual distractions ensued and now I don't really have the time. I've got about a half dozen lengthy pieces in me, but just can't seem to gather the energy or find theopportunity to squeeze them out. Like I said, I started...but then the Angel finale came on, and there went that plan. Most of my early evening was taken up by working on my template, trying to replace all the bells and whistles I had on JBS version 2.0. So far, so good, but I wish I knew why my Onestat icon's not showing up...

About the Angel series finale, I think that one was as good as we could hope for all things considered. Plus, they left the door open in case the principles ever wanted to do a special or even, God forbid, a film someday. Well done, with lotsa drama, tension, and laffs. I got a chuckle out of Angel's remark at the very end, plus the reaction from Spike when he told them "One of you will betray me". I wish the Buffy finale had been as satisfying. Now get to work on Serenity, Joss...

Also, there were new comics to read, all I listed previously...except for Demo 6. I did a fair amount of bitching, and they called Nashville again (this time with me standing there) to get me copies of both that and the Scurvy Dogs I missed two weeks ago. I don't know why this has to be such a hassle, but there ya go. What can ya do, besides try alternative suppliers with no guarantee that I'll get any more satisfaction from them than I do my well-meaning, and mostly competent, but still often frustrating only-comics-shop-in-the-area.

Found myself awake in the wee hours this morning, and managed to catch an airing of last year's zombie movie du jour, 28 Days Later. Fast-paced, artfully shot and well acted, and pretty gripping throughout. All the English-ness of the thing was kinda fun, different anyway...I found myself wondering, "wouldn't it be cool if someone made a sequel to Snatch, in which Brick Top, Bullet-Tooth Tony, and Frankie Fucking Four-Fingers came back as zombies?" But you know, something bugs me about zombie movies, ever since Romero: just exactly why is it, do you think, that zombies always want to be cannibals, to eat flesh, brains, and blood? Is there something about the plague viruses, or radioactive substances, or comet dust, that creates an intense need for raw human meat? I know, I know, because it's scarier that way...but when you think about it it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Sure, they're crazed, irrational, mindless wretches- but since when does that translate into blood lust or cannibalistic urges? If they're ravenously hungry, wouldn't a Philly cheese steak or Caesar Salad do just as well? Are they trying, on some level, to replace blood or protein lost? Or should I just stop trying to rationalize and sit back and enjoy the zombie movies and comics and just shut up? Ah well...if you haven't already, see 28 Days Later. It's an intense thrill-ride of a film, and even stops long enough once in a while to give us a mystery or two and allow us to think. About why zombies always become cannibals.

Anyway, I plan on trying to get some stuff written in the next few days, but to be honest I, right now, intend to spend a significant chunk of the weekend trying to draw at least a page or three of some of the scripts I"ve gotten lately (thanks, Ken, and of course Larry's Proof of Concept), so other than new comic capsule reviews (gotta be real careful what I call 'em, y'know), I can't guarantee anything. But hey- isn't life like that, when all is said and done?

3rd period's starting. Gotta go. Oyasumi Nasai.

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