Thursday, May 06, 2004

Looks like Andy Diggle won't be lacking for work after The Losers folds: Newsarama points us to his upcoming Adam Strange miniseries, with art by Pascual Ferry, late of yesterday's Tom Strong. Looks real good. Go see for yourself.

While I'm talking comics, I have a confession to make. Of course, yesterday I got no Scurvy Dogs. So did I take the money I would have spent on Dogs and buy some promising looking indie book that I would have ordinarily passed on, thus giving some deserving artist and publisher a tiny shot in the arm and some much-needed support? Nah. I bought Secret War. All right! All right! I know! It's Marvel, and it's superheroes, and I keep whining about how sick I am of both of them. I have no excuse except that it's Bendis, and my friend Chris Tucker (no, not THAT Chris Tucker) suggested it. Mea culpa, as they say.

I think I'll go stand in the corner now.

Update! Just wanna state for the record that as far as I know, The Losers has not been cancelled, nor would I be the first to know by any stretch. I was just being my usual optimistic self when I made that semi-serious reference in the first sentence of that post. Don't want to get any hot internet rumors started, especially one that could hurt sales of one of my favorite comics out there right now.

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