Monday, March 17, 2003

Well, I suppose I should do my Blogging duty and comment on Dubya's "Yew got forty-aight airs tew git outta Dodge" speech. Problem is, I didn't watch it. I was doing some stuff on the computer and didn't feel like stopping. Besides, I pretty much knew what he was going to say. It was inevitable– he's bound and determined to joust with that windmill and will brook no interference.

Maybe it's just the bleak mood I've been in lately, but I just don't see how we as a country are going to come out of this one without being as shaken up as we were by 9/11. Perhaps this was the long range goal of Bin Laden after all, who knows. Between the cost to our economy, and the cost of young lives on foreign soil, the cost of personal freedoms here at home, and the cost of our stature in the international community...I just hope it's worth it, that's all I can say.

Like the Stupid Evil Bastard says, "If you didn't have a good reason to get drunk before you sure as hell do now!"

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