Friday, March 21, 2003

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Just so you won't think I'm blathering about trivial and inconsequential things while grave events which affect us all are going on, here's an interesting Newsday column by one Leonard Levy.

Here's one from the Washington Post which asks "By Whose Authority?".

And courtesy of Yahoo!, Here's a summary of key developments in Bush's Jihad so far.

You know what worries me about all this? Now that Bushy has had his war, and to hell with what anyone else thinks- either go with me or get the hell out of the way and I'll be back to deal with you later- what's he gonna do for an encore? And who's gonna finally stand up to this pipsqueak bully and his cronies? Just wondering.

I also see where they've taken a poll which finds that 76% of the people surveyed support the war. Well, as they say, duh! What good does it do to protest now? It's a fait accompli! Might as well "support" it. Like someone in Washington's gonna say "Oh, my God, wait- Billy Bob Cooterman in Bugfuck, Tennessee doesn't approve of our war! We've got to shut this thing down STAT!". Personally, the best way to protest now, it seems to me, is at the polls in '04...assuming Bush and his cabal doesn't find a way around that little formality (again)...